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Yes, this is a taboo topic to be talking about. It wouldn’t be talked about on this blog otherwise. Anyway, if your reading this I’m sure your a guy looking for a new or different way to masturbate. Hell, if your a women this would be a great option to learn how to better please your man.

If your looking for how to masturbate videos and pics, then I’m sorry to disappoint, you should try here. I, unfortunately, have no pictures or videos to show or share with you. My web hosting company considers images of penises or vaginas to be porn and that would be a no-no and get my site booted. What I can do though is provide a list of techniques that different guys use to masturbate. This way you can get a good idea of what’s out there and can choose the best way to masturbate for yourself. This list will start out small and grow as it is researched more.

The Ring Method - This is probably the most familiar to all. Simply form a ring or O shape with your forefinger and thumb, apply lube, and work it up and down. This one probably isn’t all that new and exiting to you.

The Tapper - Basically the idea of this is endurance. Get erect simply tap end of your penis. That’s it. Many guys may find that they aren’t sensitive enough for this way of masturbation but if you are it will work out very nicely.

The Arnold Palmer - Ok, so I made up the name. Golf fans will get it. Just rub the tip with your palm. You could go up or down, or to make it more interesting keep your thumb near the belly button and move your hand side to side at the wrist, like a wave. This is a great way to jack off or masturbait.

Those are just some fun ways for guys to masturbate. The list will be updated as I come up with new methods or find them on the internet. If you’d like a more comprehensive look at mastubation, and sex in general, have a look at this site..

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